Look for Coworking and Coliving spaces but also Selina locations and whereever RemoteYear as digital nomads destination  is around the world and you will find hotspots. Also sites like Nomad List can help.

Also (Kite-) Surfing and Scuba Diving seem to be popular hobbies with nomads, you will always find nomads at hot spots (like Mexico, Spain, Thailand or Egypt).

From my experience:


Chiang Mai, Thailand <- probably #1 worldwide
Bali (Canggu/Ubud), Indonesia <- probably a close #2
Koh Phangan/Koh Lanta, Thailand
Da Nang, Vietnam (but also HCMC/Saigon)
Penang, Malaysia
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cape Town, South Africa
Dahab, Egypt (though technically Asia because it’s on Sinai)
Taghazout, Morocco

(Las Palmas de) Gran Canaria, Spain (and Tenerife)
Barcelona, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Berlin, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bansko, Bulgaria
Mallorca, Spain
Budapest, Hungary
Tarifa, Spain

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Medellín, Colombia
Panama City, Panama
Antigua, Guatemala
Rest of the World

There are not a whole lot of nomads in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands or Caribbean, mostly because either expensive or far away from the rest with a bad internet connection. That said, Bermuda has just announced a DigitalNomad Visa. And probably not a single nomad in Antartica 😉

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